mia and gwen (or imogen as she is now called)

mia and gwen are the girls that i worked with at the wolloongabba bad girls we just started talking one night and decided that we liked each other soon became the beginning of a fast and long distance friendship soon after we became friends they moved away to be with their sick mother and with the occasional phone calls and the catching up kinda made me realize... i miss them. so the gabba club went down the drain and we all got separated into different clubs.
they work in darwin now and mia is on her way from sydney to brisbane so i get to see mia now i've been wanting a break from brisbane for a while now this is the perfect opportunity to see if i can work up there for a week or two.
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I want to work at tonys!!!

Tony's is a strip club in the valley that...well to put it in a nice way...is dirty the girl in stage was a size 18 at least wearing a purple pj topthe place smelt rank like awful. worst thing i'd smelt in a long time a cross between shit beer and unwashed pussy,...so i've decided i'm going to work there just for two or 3 days just to see what it's like there's no way in hell i'm staying. but it's going to be mighty funny.

i'm a wank

has anyone noticed that my user name is exceptionally wanky fucking little goth-lings ...i'm a sad creature

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i think i'm a shell

have you ever gotten that feeling that your're just waiting for the next exciting thing to happen almost like the next destraction the next thing that makes your life seem worthwhile, i'm a stripper my life is supposed to be exciting i'm supposed to be going out a ton meeting new people now it's just sleep, watch movies, read books, meet ty for dinner, work, nothing happens anymore i've taken the night off i have food poisoning my bowels are killing me (not that anyone needed to know) and yeah i'm sick of guys calling out to me. bring forth the cornflakes and the hot glue gun.

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I should never be left alone

i think it occured to me the other dat that i have a story to be told, i just can't find the words i usually write these things to clear my thoughts but i delete them straight after i have a couple of unread letters sitting on my computer unsung songs unrecited poems just waiting to be put together and they just sit there. all cause i'm too afraid to speak...so to speak *sigh* i'm determined that i'm not going to delete this entry cause i feel that it isn't good enough, i think i'm going to stop thinking of what people think of me all together...eventually.
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Soundtrack of my life.

i havn't done one of these in years

Opening Credits: 28 days - story of a girl

Waking Up:Jason Mraz - Curbside prophet

First Day At School: Jimmy Eats World- The Middle

Falling In Love: tori amos - Lovesong

Fight Song: drowning pool - bodies

Breaking Up: jason Mraz - The Boy is Gone

Prom: Garbage - Special

Life: Kristen Barry - Ordinary life

Mental Breakdown: Scarling - Bandaid only covers the bullet hole

Driving: yeah yeah yeahs - Date with a night

Flashback: The Cranberries- Zombie

Getting back together: Garbage - Push it

Losing your virginity: yeah yeah yeahs - Bang

Final Battle: Juke Kartell - Throwing it all away

Death Scene: evanescence my immortal

Funeral Song: Tori Amos Little Earthquakes

End Credits: mighty mighty bostones - knock on wood

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wow didn't things turn out great! :D

This is an entry that i wrote (and saved 1057 weeks ago so over a year i'll tell you whats going on after.

yeah so Krystals's love life's screwed. to explain it i'll take a line out of a song "i'm not alone but i am lonely" i have several guys after me (well trying to get into my pants to be more to the truth) guy, kenny, chris, doug, ty (i will include Ty even though he succeeded) but yeah do you think i'll be deemed unattractive if i gain lots of weight and hot glue cornflakes to my face?...*sigh*

anyway on with the entry:
male #1 Ty
i'm still trying to figure out whether Ty and helena (freckle) are actually together. he says accidentally dating (it was a comment in a conversation) but what the crap is accidentally dating? his not being faithful to her considering he slept with me twice (all my doing which says something) but he spends alot of time with her ...i really need to find out more about her i think i need to get rid of this one...
the funny thing is his oblivious, he has no idea and i'm afraid if he finds out he'll do the same thing dean did (he reminds me of dean so much its not funny, maybe its a sign to stay away from him ...or the fact i like arrogant private school boys)
maybe i should stay clear of him for a while just so i can gage whats going on

Male #2 Guy
guy and i were together for a while i think breaking up with him was a good idea (sometimes)
his coming back for the day tomorrow and seeing his mother (but not staying with her)

and this is where i give up and move on to better things.

so yes helena is out of the picture (kinda, he sleeps with her on the very rare occasion and only cause he thinks its funny) ty and i got closer and we live in a little 2 bedroom duplexy thing we sleep in the same bed we have a deal going that we can sleep with whoever we want as long as it doesn't interfere with each other's plans and we're completly honest about it.
life is good.

so yes today i'm only writing this cause i have several hours to spare and i'm feeling very strange almost completly out of energy i think i have a fever i'm feeling very warm and now my feet are asleep. i cen't be bothered writing anymore i'm going to move on to better things.
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